Monday, 28 August 2017

7 Powerful Habits of Successful Muslim Entrepreneurs

Sometimes I ask myself, "What does it really take to become a prosperous Muslim Entrepreneur? I often wind up looking into the lives of the prior generation of Muslims and some from the centuries as well to take a look at this distinguishing trait. The simple fact is, entrepreneurial lifestyle is so sweet to be given up on with significant breakthrough in technology that simplify the actions and multiply the profits while cutting price.

Muslim Entrepreneurs
While brainstorming on the decision to become an Entrepreneur, you first probably think around the typical fears -- those that withhold you from researching the possibilities. At the moment, release yourself of these ideas and imagine how exciting it is to be a Muslim entrepreneur. However, you do want to understand just what goes into that, right?

1. Fearlessness

This is bravery with guts. The Muslim entrepreneur is one Who takes action despite the circumstance. He is based solely on Allah for success when working relentlessly in the pursuit of his dreams. All of us have fears but should we let the fear of beginning to overcome our guts of succeeding, then we have only succeeded in failing before beginning. Simply take the courageous step of beginning, you do not know how far it can take you.

2. Legitimacy

Pure investment plan: A Muslim entrepreneur is always Mindful of what business enterprise to invest in thinking about the sanctuary of Allah. He attempts to do business within the tenets of what is permitted in Islam and stays away from the prohibited sources of revenue. This principle purifies your riches and makes it easier for its transformation to acts of worship.

3. Up and Doing

1 characteristic that cuts across successful Muslim entrepreneurs Is their capacity to grow and grind in the wee hours. They begin their day submissively seeking Allah's bounties. For the Prophet (PBUH) stated that the morning is blessed for this ummah. Successful Muslim entrepreneurs are not idle in their business approach, they don't just work hard but they work smart and pray also.

4. Thankfulness

Gratitude is a fruit of great cultivation as Allah Illustrates: "if you're grateful, I will provide you more". This is key for successful Muslim entrepreneurs, they show gratitude to Allah for His blessings on which they've obtained and in turn Allah blesses them with more from His bounties.

5. Capital and profit reinvestment

I have seen many successful Muslim entrepreneurs stressing This strategy more than sufficient. You don't increase your standard of living as you've increased income. The more you put into your business, the more returns you would get from it.

6. Diversified Ventures

A successful example we could learn from here is Aliko Dangote -- Africa's wealthiest man. He began little from pantry and grocery goods and scaled his company with time into getting the biggest cement factories across Africa and is presently building a refinery worth $17 billion USD that will enable about half a million workers when completed.

7. Spend in charity

Lastly, successful Muslim entrepreneurs are not greedy, they spend out of what Allah has blessed them with for people who are in need. It was stated that when Abdur Rehman bin 'Auf's (R.A.) caravan arrives from Sham, he would distribute everything in charity before the sun sets out. Charity is one secret that increases wealth also.